cannabis and the dentist

The Dangers of Going to the Dentist While High

Marijuana use has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, with more states legalizing its use for medicinal and recreational purposes. While many people may think that there’s nothing wrong with going to their routine dental appointments while high, there are some risks associated with this practice. Let’s talk about why it’s important to go to the dentist sober and the dangers of going while under the influence of marijuana.

Smoking cannabis can also damage your gums over time due to the heat from the smoke. This can lead to gum disease and other issues that need medical attention.

The Effects of Marijuana on Your Oral Health

Marijuana use has been linked to a number of negative oral health effects, such as dry mouth, cavities, gum disease, and discoloration of teeth. Even when used in small amounts, marijuana can cause dry mouth which can lead to cavities and other problems if not addressed by a doctor or dentist. In addition, smoking cannabis can also damage your gums over time due to the heat from the smoke. This can lead to gum disease and other issues that need medical attention.

The Risks of Going to the Dentist High

Though marijuana is becoming more socially acceptable in society today, it still carries risks when it comes to visiting a doctor or dentist. The most significant risk is that you may have impaired judgment while under the influence of marijuana which could lead to poor decision-making during your appointment. Primarily, marijuana can make it difficult for dentists and hygienists to accurately assess your oral health due to its impairing effects on cognition and motor skills.

Alternatives for Dental Anxiety

If you’re feeling the need to self medicate to reduce dental anxiety we offer several low cost sedation options to help get you through your appointment. Your comfort is always a top priority and do our best to ensure your appointment is as relaxing as possible.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation can be a great option for people that need to be calmed down prior to their dental appointment. But don’t forget a driver! If you’re just looking to take the edge off then Nitrous Oxide or laughing gas is a great and safe option to help calm your nerves throughout your appointment.


In conclusion, it is advised that you avoid going into a dental appointment while under the influence of marijuana as it carries certain risks such as impaired judgment and difficulty assessing your oral health accurately by the dentist or hygienist. If you do find yourself in need of dental care after using cannabis products make sure you let your dentist know before any treatments take place so they can properly assess any potential risks associated with treating someone who has recently ingested weed products. It’s always best practice for patients to seek out medical advice from professionals before making any decisions when it comes to their health!


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