The Link Between Oral Health and Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease with far-reaching effects on families. If oral health does indeed play a role in Alzheimer’s, it underscores the importance of elevating our dental hygiene to potentially lower the risk as we age. We’re going to touch on some ways in which we can proactively reduce the risk of chronic disease with simple hygiene habits.

3 Most Common Professional Teeth Whitening Options

Achieving a brighter smile is a desire shared by many, and professional teeth whitening options provide effective solutions. In this post, we’ll explore the three most prevalent professional teeth whitening choices: in-office whitening, at-home kits, and take-home kits.

The Complete Dental Implant FAQ Guide

If you’re considering dental implants to restore your smile’s function and aesthetics, you likely have a multitude of inquiries, and we’re here to provide you with clear and informative answers. This article is designed to address every aspect of dental implants, from the basics of what they are and how they work to the specifics of the implant procedure, recovery, aftercare, and more.

Understanding Tooth Extractions

Understanding Tooth Extractions: Your Top Questions Answered

This comprehensive guide addresses the key questions you might have, covering topics such as the reasons behind extractions, the potential discomfort, post-extraction care, potential complications, and various tooth replacement options.

2 Implant Supported Bridge

Discover the Advantages of an Implant-Supported Bridge

A 2 Implant Supported Bridge is a dental prosthesis that replaces two or more missing teeth by anchoring a bridge to dental implants surgically placed in the jawbone.

All On 4 Dentures

The All-On-4 Dental Implant Revolution

All-On-4 dental implants can be worth the investment for individuals seeking a long-term, stable, and aesthetically pleasing solution to extensive tooth loss.